David Terres as The Joker Original Painting

Image of David Terres as The Joker Original Painting
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The Cosplayers Painting Project - http://cosplayersproject.blogspot.com/

This project showcases the amazing talent and dedication of some of the best Cosplayers from all over the USA and Canada. What started as just an inspiration has developed into a series of Watercolor paintings showcasing costumes from our favorite movies, comics, fiction books and more. Most of these costumes were hand made by the models that I selected to paint and I couldn't have done this without their help.

16x20 watercolor painting on paper mounted on 1\2 inch wood board.
Dovetail slot for flush hanging on the wall. Sealed with matte finish for dust and light protection.

"The Cosplayes Painting Project 2013 - Gotham" is a Series of Original Watercolor Paintings produced for MegaCon 2013, showcasing Cosplayers from the US.